Published December 7, 2011 by Kim

I ship. Not the put-in-boxes-and-send-for-delivery type of ship, but the internet-named variety: relationship. I’ve shipped so many pairings in my time, it’s hilarious. What’s more, I tend toward the grossly obvious (Mulder/Scully) and then swing to the odd (HG/SS). I love my ships, too, and it kills me when one’s ignored–worse yet, when the program gets axed and there’s no resolution! (I’m looking at you, NBC, and your cancellation of Earth 2 back in 1995. I’ll never forgive you for not letting me have Danziger/Adair as canon. Same goes for you, FOX, and your handling of Firefly.) It provides no end of satisfaction to me in knowing the internet is chock-full of like-minded people. Doesn’t matter who you ship, somewhere, there’s a fan of the same pairing. It’s awesome.

What I find endlessly amusing about myself, however, is in the men I ship. I tend to go for the older ones. For instance: Monday, my husband and I were watching the American Country Awards (Alabama is coming back! color me HAPPY), and I went off on a tangent about Blake Shelton. There was something about him, something familiar…and then I figured it out: he reminded me of Clancy Brown. This immediately prompted a (one-sided) discussion about the long-ago Earth 2, and how it was so obvious that Antonio Sabato Jr was cast to be the eye-candy for the show. I, however, fell for the tall, gravel-voiced Brown. I was all of sixteen, and utterly smitten. I loved his character–all blue-collar anger and anti-establishment and working with those lovely hands. Rowr. Frankly, even now, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers. (Lately, I’ve also determined that Stephen Lang–of Avatar and now Terra Nova fame–is looking pretty good for his years. Ha.) You’d think I’d be all about George Clooney, but I’m not a huge fan. I think it’s the flavor-of-the-week thing. I’ve noticed that most of the characters/actors I fangirl over are long-term, devoted husbands/partners. (Alan Rickman, anyone? Guh.)

It’s always been a trait of mine to prefer older men. Somewhat surprisingly, the biggest age difference I’ve had in a relationship was nine years. (I think. He was such a mistake, I’ve tried to block it out. The only good thing that came out of that was a black powder gun.) In any case, despite my preference, I’ve never really had that experience. My hubby’s a few months older than me, though, so he says it counts. Technically. πŸ˜‰


3 comments on “Proclivities

    • That’s kinda cute. I mean, she’s really young, but it’s not like you would think anything bad. I’m guessing this good friend has a really great son. πŸ˜€

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