Published January 3, 2012 by Kim

So, erm…last night, I dreamt about kissing Nathan Fillion. Sometime in December, it was David Tennant. (FWIW, of the two, Tennant was much better. I wouldn’t kick Fillion out of bed for eating crackers, though.)

I’m not really sure what’s prompted these dreams, but I’m certainly enjoying them. 😉

Filed under Somewhat Related: the Hubby and I finally watched the BBCA special of The Nerdist (with Wil “don’t be a dick” Wheaton and the afore-mentioned Nathan Fillion) and had a seriously good laugh at the two of them. Wheaton was asked to explain to the audience what he and Fillion had been talking about during a commercial break. Interestingly enough, it’s that Fillion is on Wheaton’s wife’s list. You know, That List. The freebie one? (Yeah, well, Fillion’s on mine, too.) There’s a point where Hardwick makes a crack about Anne actually having a chance at meeting Fillion, and what would Wil do? Allow it. Wil said something to the effect of winning all the points and never having to take the trash out, ever again. Gotta love the man’s logic. XD

To which my Hubby stated, “I would, too. You could never say no to me for anything, ever.”

No, I didn’t tell him about my dreams. I’m not crazy! 😉


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