Christmas fallout and (another) New Year’s plan

Published January 5, 2012 by Kim

To avoid the risk of falling into the tl;dr trap, I’ll make the Christmas bit brief:

I caused problems at my in-laws’ house. Why? They bought my son a Kindle Fire because he asked for one. He’s six. He wants it for games.

We were not consulted about this purchase. I went thermonuclear when I saw it–a $200 gadget in the hands of a first-grader. A gadget for which I am financially responsible in supplying books or games to be used on it. A gadget he does not need, because he is addicted to games and won’t do his schoolwork if permitted to play them.

So, yeah. I got mad, said some stuff, and angered my in-laws. MiL has spoken to me once since Christmas Eve, and that was to ask where her son was (she then called his cell). Needless to say, this is all very awkward. Especially on Sunday night suppers at their house. :/

Moving on…

A good friend and I are considering joining Weight Watchers Online together. She lives in Cali, I’m in North Carolina…I hate groups of people, she–well, she’s pretty good with people, but I think we both wouldn’t exactly enjoy the meetings and weigh-ins. (Actually, we’re hashing out whether to pay-and-play or not even as I’m posting this.)

Oooh, my phone is vibrating. Hang on…

Okay, so we’re both going for it. I’m actually kind of excited I’m the world’s worst at maintaining my course on something. Having someone with me that understands how women plateau when losing weight–more quickly then men–and how hard it is to say no to something delicious…

Disneyland churros cart (from

Here is where happiness is bought. Warm, cinnamony happiness.

Having a partner ought to be a huge motivator, right? I just hope I can be encouraging for her, too. It’s tough being the “big” girl and looking at all the adorable clothes that you want and can’t wear. (I’m looking at you, ModCloth.) And–vanity aside–it’ll be good for both of us, health-wise. I just really, really have to work at this!
Let’s see if I can’t ring in New Year’s 2013 with a waistline I’m not ashamed of. (Related: let’s hope the girls don’t get smaller while I’m at it. Seriously.)


One comment on “Christmas fallout and (another) New Year’s plan

  • Is it odd that I don’t want my girls getting smaller, either? LOL. I love that we can live in different states on opposite sides of a contintent, and still join WW together. It’s great! (I haven’t been on the site lately. Can you tell?)

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