Pardon me, your geek is showing

Published January 10, 2012 by Kim

Hubby is on our bed, watching a live stream from CES (via TWiT)…a few minutes ago, there was a brief discussion about the Qualcomm/X Prize Foundation announcement of a Tricorder prize (in short, build a functioning tricorder, à la Star Trek, win $10 million). Hubby remarked  that he didn’t see how it would be useful as a medical device–

Me: I don’t see why not. It was a diagnostic tool.

Him: (blank look)

Me: They used it on away missions–you know, scan an object, determine if it’s poisonous or something.

Him: Oh, that thing.

Me: And then they used it in sick bay, to diagnose injuries and things.

Him: I had it confused with something else. (laughs) Kirk out!

Me: (glaring) That was a communicator.

Him: (eyebrow)

Me: (blush) So says the girl who watches too much television.

Meanwhile, a tricorder would be awesome.


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