Movie break!

Published June 4, 2012 by Kim

I’m a movie junkie. Before B. and I were married–and before having children–we were at the theater constantly. Now? Not so much. I miss it–really, I do. As our kids have gotten older, we’ve managed to get back to the darkened halls of big-screen entertainment a little more often…and anytime a kiddie-flick looks at all appealing, we’re on it like white on rice. I sort of suspect all movie-loving parents have fallen into this routine, to one degree or another.

(Just don’t wear anything you don’t want covered in popcorn butter. Little hands have incredibly bad aim at little mouths. THIS, I KNOW.)

But here’s the fun part–for me, anyway; God only knows what you poor readers will think it–I’m hashing out my opinions on four of this year’s movies. A bit of old-school compare and contrast, okay? (With posts for each pairing.)


Oh, be ye warned: I’ll be spoiling the living daylights out of these movies, so don’t read if you have any intention of watching these without prior knowledge.


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